Trading Career Paths at Delta Trading Group

There are two career paths:

Master Trader Course

This course is most direct and accelerated path to trading. It is for the person who can afford the Membership Fee, Monthly Access fee, Tools, and Brokerage account.

Delegate Trader Account

This path is for the person who is not as qualified monetarily, or unsure if they can really become a trader. It is also for the person coming out of a failed Prop Account program somewhere else.

A good analogy is a 4-Year University Versus a Community College. While there is nothing wrong with a community college, if you pan on a four year degree you may have to repeat certain things, and that will slow you down.

There are elements that are similar no matter what path you chose there will be certain commonalties in terms of cost and resources. You will need the following:

  • Charting program. We use ENSIGN Software because they have been well established for decades and they developed our proprietary overlay and Trade Tracking elements that help make our members successful. As a Delegate Trader, your version of ENSIGN will only work with the Delegate Accounts. You will eventually need the full-blown version of ENSIGN when you get ready to trade your won money as a part of the group. The cost of ENSIGN is about $50.00 per month. Do not open up an account on your own; we work with a specialized department within ENSGIN.
  • Our Trading Methodology. You will need Academy Courses, the Delegate Trader Account consists of the First Sections of the Master’s Course, with some customization. When you progress to the Master’s Course, you should go through those lessons again to reinforce your learning and pick up the nuances that are specific to the Master’s level trader.
  • Group Access. The cost of group access per month depends on your memberships level.
  • Brokerage Account: We mainly trade the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) We trade the S&P500 Emini (ES). You only need a brokerage account when you become a Master’s Member. Your account minimum is 3,000 to open the account with Canon Trading. DO NOT open an account until we give you the access codes to do so. We work with a specialized department within Cannon.

Founders Society

This is the Ultimate Membership which is by invitation only. Currently you may not, purchase it without first being a member of Delta. Once invited, your initial cost is about 50K. However, you own your seat. It is a lifetime membership with a greatly reduced monthly Live Trading Session access fees. It also gives you access to exclusive trips and events that are limited to only Founders Society Members and their guests. (Note: Delta Trading Group is still gearing up after CoVid to resume its schedule of world-wide events.)

The Founders Society group will be small and highly exclusive; however, the goal is to grow it to only 25,000 super exclusive members.

The following diagram demonstrates the career paths.

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