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Delta Trading Group
Visiting Traders Hours: 10am-12pm Eastern Time Daily
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We Strive For Success

Our Mentor

- Delta works with professional and rookies. Our “Think in Crayon” approach is designed for simplicity.

Our Pro Traders

Delta Trading Group guides you through mentored trading two hours each trading day!


The Delta Day Trading Academy starts with the Trader Boot Camp, which has dozens of lessons to get you started in your Live Trading Sessions.

We Are Different

Our group has a strict policy: 1) We trade a live brokerage account in front of the group.
2) The class communicates and supports each other over live chat. 3) We discuss trades BEFORE they happen.

Delta Trading Group Invites You to Visit Our Live Trading Room.

Delta trading methods are designed to reduce risk. Never trade before you practice building a personal track record!

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“Delta Trading Group was the best thing I have ever done. Thank you, Dr. Vance! You have changed my life. Not only have you given me the skills to be a trader, but you have given me tools for life. Every aspect of your trading methodology has impacted my life and my family’s life in a positive way. After failing in day-trading for five years, you turned me around in less than a month.  Thanks again. — Danny B.”
Danny B. - Delta Trader
Trade Tips

Apathy and Indecision Marker
Directional Change Signal
Execute trade and manage risk


Trend is your friend
Identify risk reward ratios
Profitable Delta
Stops out of the clouds

Delta 123 Turnaround
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