Delta Trading Group, Inc has been so fortunate over the past decade to have some o f the best representatives and ambassadors on the plant. They have served to maintain the transparency and integrity of the group, and we are very proud of each of them

Now that CoVid has subsided we are looking forward to getting back on track with our super strong events and activities.

You will have opportunities to meet you favorite reps in person.


Ed is a longtime member of Delta Trading Group and became a Representative and Ambassador in 2007. He has a vast knowledge and experience in what it takes to trade. He is the Meetup Captain for Orgon and the region. Ed remains the the senior advisor. Instrumental in setting up the Washington state meetups in 2017. he has been instrumental in the [phenomenal growth and success of Delta Trading Group.

He will set your expectations accordingly and treat you right.

Lisa Seepersaud

Location:  Bloomfield, NJ 

Age: 31 years 

Experience: Been with the company for over 7 years.

And has over 13 years of experience in  Customer Service, Quality Assurance , Technical Support, Date Entry and being  an Enrollment counselor. 

Bio – Jon Neyerlin

Jon Neyerlin got his start as a day trader on Wall Street in 2006.  He then transitioned into oil and gas investments for several years where he helped raise over 100 million for drilling projects.  Most recently he has been involved in pre IPO deals with some of the largest hedge funds and Venture Capital companies on the east coast.

Bio – Patrick Lennon

After twenty-seven years in Corporate America, I am extremely lucky to be a part of the Trading Group.  As a Member Representative and Ambassador Partner,  I’m passionate about helping other members change their lives and financial future. 

Originally from the Midwest.  I grew up in Iowa and attended the University of Nebraska.  I’ve lived in Las Vegas, Silicon Valley and now over 20 years in Arizona.  I enjoy spending time with my wife, low carb cooking, music and hockey.


Kaymae Mincey

(Member, former Rep)


My name is KayMae Mincey and I live in the Sacramento Valley. After growing up in Northern California, I attended Yuba College, then established a career as a CNA and many other positions, prior to discovering trading.

I became a proud member of the Delta Trading Group in June of 2020. Joining the Group was the absolute best decision I could have ever made, it has completely changed my participation in the Group by becoming a partner in our Ambassador Program, sharing the same opportunity I enjoyed with others.