As you know, the Department of Justice has made gambling online illegal. The days of easily enjoying the leisure online Professional Poker lifestyle are over.

To get around the federal government laws, the poker players now use offshore IP relay servers to cloak their true IP addresses. They open and use off-shore banking accounts and even have off-shore debit cards to bring illegal gambling money (called ill-gotten gains) back into the United States for use.


Because all of these activities are highly illegal, the Federal Government will eventually track you down, arrest, you and destroy your bank account, no matter how good you are.

If you are a betting person, bet on this: The US Government will create a large IP server and attract thousands of individuals to use it to participate in offshore gaming. Once things are up and running smoothly, the government will shut the server down and raid all of the participants and their bank accounts.

There is a profitable solution to not giving up the current lifestyle of online gaming.

Is Day-Trading the Solution?

The solution is to find a new on-line business besides gaming that:

  • Offers Same Lifestyle.
  • Has Same Profit Potential.
  • Offers the Same Excitement of Risk / Reward Payouts.
  • Uses Your Current Skill-Sets.
  • Uses Your Current Discipline.
  • Is perfectly legal.
  • Offers opportunity to grow and expand.

As an online gambler you have many skill-sets that are directly transferable to Online Day-Trading.

All great businessmen, say the same thing. Use your current skill-sets (What you do best) and apply them to new ventures to expand your self-worth.

Your Current Skills

  • Intelligence: Ability to learn new game (trading) rules and guidelines.
  • Strategy; Expert at applying winning strategy.
  • Systems Acquisition: Ability to apply new systems and guidelines.
  • Situational Awareness: Ability to read people and the environment.
  • Analysis Skills: Ability to calculate probabilities and odds.
  • Money Management: Ability to operate with proper money management.
  • Patience & Concentration: Ability to wait for the right time to enter trades.
  • Psychology: Ability to read self and others.

Day-Trading is not gambling, however, poker players, Sports Betters and other have many skills that are used to make them successful Day-Traders.