NOTICE: The following testimonials are written by members and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of company policy.

Andy T.

I have been with Dr. Vance and then Delta Trading Group for more than two years. When I first started, I built a track record withing the first month and decided to go live. The first two week I did well and then all hell broke loose. The next Monday I lost three trades in a row, and — you guessed it — I did EVERYTHING Doc teaches not to do. I lost $2,000 in two weeks. After I took the time to review what I had done, I decided I hadn’t followed the rules. I went back on Sim and then after 4 weeks decided to try it again. Since that time, I have never had a month less than NET POSITIVE 40 points, and usually much much more. I can’t tell anyone how this has changed my life! God Bless Doc. He is an absolute MASTER and the best teacher I have ever seen. Everything he has ever said turns out to be true, INCLUDING, “Trading is simple, not easy.” I took my lumps and then came back to follow Doc. My trading is the best career I have ever had. It really is an ATM on my desktop. THANK YOU — THANK YOU — THANK YOU DOC (AND RADIO JOSEPH — and the DELTA FAMILY) for changing my life and my children’s lives FOREVER!

Martin K.

I love this group. From Mr C Vance Cast on down to the wonderful members and guests in the chat. Starting with the office people, they are wonderful, good nature, friendly folk. Kim is awesome, kind, funny and understanding, Evelyn is on top of things. Vance is funny, quick witted and not easily offended, he can take them as he gives them. The system taught here is trend trading. The Doc, (C Vance Cast), gives tips, tricks and pointers, as he trades with you live, specifically designed with that person who, when they read, “Trading for dummies”, finds they have a lot to learn to be able to understand that book, in mind. This team, Doc, staff and members, all join together to take people from an “I know nothing” Schultz mentality to the little red caboose, “I think I can” attitude, all the way up to the George Lopez, “I got this” confidence level and it’s done methodically, step by step. I’ve been involved with many businesses in my days but this “business” is unlike any. These people are truly here to HELP and make every effort to be there for you, even after hours. Delta Trading Group, (DTG), has regular get togethers in multiple states throughout the country where you get to meet your fellow traders and discuss everything from your kids to trading successes, and you get to put a face to the names in the chat room. DTG has an informative website with a boot camp to teach you from step one. DTG isn’t just a trading group, it’s A FAMILY! Doc and crew have launched many towards achieving their dreams as I now am. DTG has now, and will always have my most sincere gratitude and love. So if you want to laugh, learn and have fun understanding trading, then DTG should be your FIRST STEP! Once you join the fabulous group, you will be welcomed with open arms into your new family and be on your way to the top.

Robert O.

I have been with Delta Trading from Jan. 1014 to present. I am a Plumber getting ready to retire in 2016. This is a wonderful program. I am always amazed with all the support from Dr. Cast and the trading group.


I am a Restaurant and Bar owner and for years have been dealing with the many issues and liabilities that go along with it. With two young children at home I began to search for other less time consuming business opportunities. I found the Delta Trading group a little over six months ago and after sitting in on one live session I was hooked. Dr. Cast is a no nonsense, tell it like it is mentor. This group is transparent and there is a ton of support. You are in your own business but never alone! Everyday we get the coaching and support we need to reach success. Looking forward to living this lifestyle full time very soon! Thanks Dr. V and the Delta traders.

Carla W

Hands down, the best investment I’ve ever made!  Who would have ever imagined that I could become a successful Day Trader after working 35+ years in the Real Estate industry.  Thanks to Doc and his incredible staff, I have done it!  I made a few mistakes along the way, but once I decided to follow the rules it worked.  Where else could you go to get an education like this?  I’ve said it before, and will say it again…”Doc is my Hero!”

Steve T.

Dr. Vance Cast / Delta Trading Group is the real deal. In a world full of wordsmiths and spin doctors Dr. Vance’s no nonsense, tell it like it is , style is both refreshing and extremely effective. I consider myself lucky to be a member . My only regret is that I did not discover DTG earlier.

Ryan B.

Dr. Vance is the best mentor to have when it comes to day trading. I am making 5-7 points a week on my trades and learned everything I know about day trading from Dr. Vance and Delta Trading Group. If you are serious about day trading I suggest you join Delta. Dr. Vance is a straight to the point speaker that gives you strategies in terms even a child can understand. Thank you so much for helping me change my life.

Les W.

I was forced to retire due to MS. After searching and searching  for meaningful opportunities. I was blessed to find Doc Vance and Delta trading. This is a very unique opportunity for persons like myself. The support and access in this group is second to none. Honest, straightforward encouragement enables almost anybody to be successful. I would be more than happy to speak to anyone about any concerns they have about Delta Trading Group. There are none better…. seriously!!!

Jay H.

I am a 62 year old physician who lost my retirement in the recent recession. I was looking at having to work for the rest of my life to maintain any reasonable lifestyle and not even the lifestyle I had envisioned and worked for over 35 years, in private practice, to achieve. I had looked into commodities option trading and took some fairly expensive courses but never got the kind of support needed to be successful doing that. I lost money trying to figure it out and never did. When I heard the Delta Trading Group radio add I started doing my due diligence and then sat in on a few days of the live trading room with Dr Cast and his group of traders. The system Dr Cast and his traders use is straight forward. After a few weeks practicing trades without risking real money, I began doing real trades and started making money. I am now on track to fully retire in the next 12 months very comfortably. Delta Trading Group has been a prayer answered and I can continue to make money far into the future with virtually no overhead and little risk, compared to private practice. It has been life changing. With a little discipline and practice anyone can do this. Dr Cast has done the hard part for you. Do it, you will change your life and the lives of your family. I only wish I had done this years ago.

Ben M.

I wish to thank all of Delta Trading for this amazing opportunity to be able to retire and adopt a much simpler and safer lifestyle. I will admit I have had my ups and downs. I was successful the first few weeks following Dr. Vance Cast’s and Joseph’s rules and techniques, but being a combat pilot and retired Marine, I tend to push the edge of the envelope a lot.  After a few successful weeks, I began making what I call “Combat Trades,” and going after “Targets of Opportunity,” something I am very accustomed to doing.  I will tell you, if you get off the reservation and don’t follow the very simple rules laid out for us, you will struggle. Thanks to a lot of help, I am back on track.  It takes discipline and tenacity, but the system works.  I am proud to say that my daughter has joined me as well and is already a better trader than I am. In fact, she helped get me back to following the “very simple rules,” which made me a successful trader once again.  Not having been exposed to my lifestyle, she avoided my combat trades. She simply follows the rules.  The Delta Trading system works. In my opinion, Dr. Vance Cast has earned the Marine Aviator equivalent of a “Distinguished Flying Cross” for day traders. His daily mentorship and live trading sessions are invaluable. Doc has “The Right Stuff.” Thanks to Dr. Cast, Joseph, Evelyn, Jim Cox, the Delta Trading members, and all the Delta Trading Staff. Respectfully submitted, Ben

C C.

Delta Trading Group is amazing, and has such an amazing support group! No B.S.!! Having Dr. Vance Cast as our mentor, he keeps us motivated and focused everyday. His trading system is tried and true. He shows you his trades and shows you how easy it is to trade Emini Futures, you will not find that anywhere else. I too am consistently making 5-10 points a week, thanks to Doc’s trading system Delta 1-2-3. Also you will find that he has an excellent customer service team that really takes care of you. Thank You!!!

Lenny E

This has been a great experience for me, I’ve learned in the last 6 months of trading that anyone can be successful trader with the right Mentor and solid money management, I look forward every morning getting up and getting online with a great group of people and moving in a positive direction. This is the only group that one can give the Mentor a phone call and talk to him personally, and I like that. If you want to move in a positive direction in your trading this is the place to be.

Mike L.

Joined 12/27/14 and traded with Delta Trading Group (DTG). Had success and then ran into a problem. Worked directly with Dr. Vance Cast, owner of DTG and he advised me on trading properly. The next month I made almost 70 points and discovered my passion for trading. Thanks Dr. Cast.

Paul T.

Dr Vance makes it very easy to learn how to trade. I never thought I could do something such as trading online. With his keep it simple approach,  anyone who can follow a simple 1,2,3 formula, can be up and trading in a very short time. Thank you Dr. Vance for all you’ve done for my family and I.

Bones B.

Being the oldest of 4 with parents that owned their own company, I’ve been working since I was 5. Every night around the dinner table, all we talked about was business. After 12 yrs in the Air Force, my wife and owned and operated companies in 6-8 different industries as we raised our family. After 50 + years of working and life experiences, I got really good at detecting BS when it was blown up my butt. The thing that really got me excited about Delta Trading Group was it’s transparency. After working 6+ days a week, 10-16 hrs a day, I was tired when I hit my middle 50′s and wanted something much less taxing on my body & mind. Learning how to Day Trade was something I was always interested in but didn’t think I’d ever be able to figure out. Dr Cast took care of that problem in spades. I joined the group in April of 2015 and it has been hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made. His program took a complete trading idiot such as myself and step-by-simple-step has made me into a Day Trader. His teaching process is so simple that if I can learn how to trade, anyone can. I enjoy it so much that I’m upset when closing bell hits on Friday night and can’t wait for Monday morning to come. I feel more alive now than in many a year! It’s wonderful to know that I now can make a boat load of money and do it as long as I am alive. The 5 minute walk from my bed to the coffee to my computer is a beautiful thing!

Dan E.

I knew from the first day I was invited to DR Cast live trading session that I stumbled onto something special. I felt like a fish out of water. But within hours I was able to articulate most of what I learned to others. After more time being mentored by DR Cast in the Delta trading room and on the phone with DR Cast, I was able to launch what I believe is my retirement job. DR Cast is patient, frank, and clearly a man of integrity. I am successfully trading live money almost daily. I would not have had the confidence to consider trying this if it were not for the training I received at Delta Trading Group. Thank you Vance and all of your smart, polite staff.

E. R.

I have to say the support and the transparency of this Group is awesome… When I first Came aboard working for Doc Vance Cast I had no clue what or how people Traded , Cause I had No trading experience, But I personally have known Doc Vance Cast for Many Years, and I love the fact he has helped and is continuing to make a difference by giving them tools and the support to be successful. With The Delta Trading Group Members and Staff it makes me proud to be part of a group that have pretty much become family. Thank You Doc Vance Cast for Everything you Do! E.R. :)

Randy M.

Dr. Cast’s system for day trading E-Mini Futures is simple, clear, complete, and successful. I have no prior background in trading and have difficulty balancing my checkbook, but after a few months of following his system, I am consistently earning on average between 5 and 10 points per week, and some weeks more! Learn his system, follow the rules, and you should see the same results I and scores of other traders are seeing. It really does work! You really can do it!

Jeff B

I joined Delta Trading Group over 5 years ago. I never thought I could afford to trade and or be successful at it. Well, I was wrong. I heard about Delta on the radio, called and here I am. Thank you Dr. Vance for giving me an opportunity to change my life path…

Jeff C.

I was very impressed with Dr. Cast. He has a lot of amazing techniques for trading. His software and program have changed my life. I now get to spend the quality time with my family that I have always wanted. Thank you to the Delta Trading Team for giving me the freedom I have always wanted!