Delta Trading Group Acquired by Private Investment Group for More than 250 Million

Phoenix, AZ – Delta Trading Group, Inc, the industry leader in consensus member-managed investment groups, announced today that it has been acquired by a private investment group for over $250 million.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Vance Cast, Delta Trading Group, Inc. was born out of a need for everyday people to have access to real investment information, not fake news. Dr. Vance was outraged by fake gurus and so began a decade-long battle against “haters” trying to ride the coattails of Delta’s success.

The success of Delta Trading Group can be attributed to its unique membership model and unparalleled track record. Every trade that the company makes is not dependent on a guru, but rather the group as a whole evaluates individual trades and comes to a consensus as to whether the trade is valid or not. This approach has a few benefits, including teaching people to fish and taking advantage of the fact that several heads are better than one in solving problems.

Delta Trading Group’s approach has been so successful that the company has become a household name in the investment world. The company’s trading track record and trades are witnessed, audited, and managed with 100% transparency to its members. Every group session is moderated to ensure that discussions are productive and respectful.

According to a spokesman for Delta Trading Group, the acquisition comes with a few caveats, including keeping the group a consensus member-managed group. The company’s trading track record and trades will remain witnessed, audited, and managed with 100% transparency to the members. The executive staff at Delta will be maintained for an undisclosed number of years.

“It is important that we maintain the integrity of the group for decades to come,” the spokesman said.

The acquisition of Delta Trading Group by the private investment group is a testament to the success and impact that the company has had on the investment world. The private investment group recognizes the value of the company’s unique membership model and its unparalleled track record, and they are committed to continuing the legacy that Delta Trading Group has built.

The acquisition is also a reflection of the strong leadership and vision of Dr. Vance Cast, who founded the company and has led it to success over the past decade. Dr. Vance will continue to play a role in the company, ensuring that the integrity and values that Delta Trading Group was built on are maintained.

The acquisition of Delta Trading Group by the private investment group is an exciting development for the company and its members. The company remains committed to its mission of providing everyday people with access to real investment information and promoting a consensus-based approach to investing. Delta Trading Group looks forward to continuing to provide value to its members and to the investment world as a whole.

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